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♥ Essential Information for Summer Camp ♥

Unique Personal Growth Experience: For the price, there are few events on the planet which offer the depth and quality of experience of our Summer Camps. We are deeply committed to co-creating a New Culture, and these events are our primary vehicle for doing so. If you are new to Summer Camp you may find it helpful to read the article, New Culture Perspectives, downloaded here.

"Safe Container": We begin Summer Camp by co-creating a safe container. To establish a bond of trust, mutual respect, safety, and loving kindness, it is essential that all attendees be present by 7:00PM, Friday, July 22. We welcome your arrival after 2PM on Friday. Register, set up your campsite, then join us for dinner at 6:00PM, followed by the evening program.

If only attending the second week of camp, please schedule your arrival between 2-5pm on Saturday, July 30th. Register, set up your campsite, then join us at 5:00PM, for Karma Yoga sign-up, dinner and the evening program.

Early Departure: If you can't stay for the entire time, Summer Camp can still be a powerfully transformational experience. We understand if you need to leave early, and appreciate the time that you shared with us.

Community Service: Community Service: Everyone contributes approximately 8 hours each week to help with the work of putting on camp. More information about Karma Yoga tasks and how to sign up will be sent by email to all campers in the weeks before camp starts. Performing Karma Yoga offers the opportunity to bond more deeply with each other as we share in the joy of co-creating community and making camp happen.

We provide: Campsites, healthy vegetarian and vegan meals, unisex outdoor showers, 15 days of exciting programs, guest speakers, experiential workshops and activities, and a snack kitchen for preparing your personal snacks and meal supplements. Clothing is optional throughout most areas of camp, but not on the public road.

Weather: Typically changeable. Expect hot to cold and wet to dry.

Essentials: A flashlight, tent, sleeping bag and pad, extra blankets for cold nights, sunscreen, sunglasses, summer clothes for hot days, warm clothes for possible cold weather, easy to carry non-glass water bottle, personal back jack or chair, spray bottle for hot days, and a gallon of water to keep at your tent.

Optional Items: A creative donation for the auction, fun things to donate to the Youth Program, water toys for swimming, musical instruments, outrageous clothing for dressing up and dance parties.

Participatory Music: All music-making is encouraged & greatly appreciated. Bring your instruments, voices, and talents. Be the live music & let's celebrate you!

RVs: There are limited RV parking sites, and no hookups available. Prior notice is required for RVs. Check with the registrar.

Meat policy: Our hosts have asked us not to cook meat anywhere on the property. Prepared meat will be allowed in personal RV campers on-site. Jerky or dehydrated meat is permitted outdoors on-site, and may be stored in the personal foods kitchen. If this year's policy is a hardship for you, please contact us, and we will work with you to find solutions that meet both your needs and the policies of our host.

Leave at Home: Alcohol or recreational drugs, valuables of any sort, pets of any make or size, bicycles.

Caveat: Besides being a wonderful escape from some of society's repressive social constraints, Summer Camp can be an intense personal and interpersonal experience. As such, it offers opportunities and challenges to face our own innermost inconsistencies, insecurities, and instabilities, and to encounter and respond to those of others. Be aware that not every situation may be to your liking, and that you are always at choice to participate or not. Traditionally, many campers practice multiple loving relationships. However, Summer Camp is a place where all relationship choices and orientations are honored equally.


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