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Summer Camp Registration

We regret to announce that registration is now closed.
However, join the waitlist by filling out the online form below.

Note: We begin Summer Camp by co-creating a safe container.
To establish a bond of trust, mutual respect, safety, and loving kindness,
all attendees must be present by 5:30PM, Friday, August 9.
We welcome your arrival after 12PM on Friday. Register, set up your campsite,
then join us for dinner at 5:30PM, followed by the evening program.

Be sure to read the Essential Information for Summer Camp here.

This year we are offering two ways to submit your registration info.
An online form and a downloadable form.

Note if you choose the online form, you still have to mail a check to secure your
place in camp. Also make sure the camper name submitted with the online form
appears somewhere on your check so we know who the payment is for. Thanks!

All registrations will be processed in order according to the postmark date
present on the envelope containing your check.

Use the Waitlist Form Here

- or -

(Download and print the PDF form, fill it out, sign it, enclose your
check or money order, and mail it to:)

Summer Camp Registrar
PO Box 50388
Eugene, OR 97405


Contact if you have questions: - or - 800.624.8445