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Summer Camp Registration

Registration opens April 1st, 2014 at 15:00 PDT
and will remain open for 2 weeks.
It is NOT first come first serve this year!

Infinite Games Camp

Also register for IG Camp!
Right after Summer Camp West
August 10th - 17th
See Below!

Are you excited and committed to creating our community this year?

Registration will be open for 2 weeks, April 1-14. We anticipate having more registrants than we have space for. We will use a lottery system with a focus on promoting diversity at camp. We will let you know if you are confirmed by Monday, April 28.

Note: We begin Summer Camp by co-creating a safe container.
To establish a bond of trust, mutual respect, safety, and loving kindness,
all attendees must be present by 8:00PM, Friday, August 1.
We welcome your arrival after lunch on Friday. Register, set up your campsite,
then join us for dinner at 6:00PM, followed by the evening program.

Be sure to read the Essential Information for Summer Camp here.

Note, you still have to mail a check to enter the lottery for admission
to camp. Also make sure the camper name submitted with the online form
appears somewhere on your check so we know who the payment is for. Thanks!

Registration Fee - Radical Sliding Scale

This year we are exploring and celebrating the emerging concepts of gift culture. We are proud to have Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics and The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible, coming to camp to co-create our community and present some of his ideas.

In this spirit, for the first time we are using a radical sliding scale, inspired by Paul Cienfuegos, activist and workshop leader. We invite you to consider the costs involved in creating a 10-day camp, consider the resources you have available, consider the value of camp to you, and choose to make a contribution to the creation of camp that, in your own opinion, balances the necessity of paying for the costs of camp with your personal willingness and ability to contribute toward covering those costs.

The reality is that while many people are struggling financially, some are relatively comfortable; however, if everyone who is struggling chose to pay nothing, this camp would not be possible. That said, we invite you to set your own camp fee at any amount, whether that is $1 or $1,000,000, or anywhere in between.

Please keep in mind that workshop experiences of this breadth and caliber typically cost $1000-$3000 for a week-long event.

Only you know your income and financial circumstances.
Please consider the following facts in making your decision:

Your feeWhat it covers
$325Your food and your share of the camping fees only
$600Your full fair share of the fixed and variable costs of coming to camp:
food, camp fees, presenters, infrastructure, utilities (port-a-potty, gas, hot water, phone, internet)
$750Fixed costs and help for a camper who couldn't otherwise afford to attend
$1,000Fixed costs+scholarship support + discretionary fund to cover unforeseen expenses
$1,000,000Buying our own land to form an intentional New Culture community and creating a permanent home for Summer Camp.

We may have needs for a few people to contribute some work during and after camp. If you would like to work as part of your contribution, please contact us at during the registration period.

If you plan to come to camp with anyone else please include their names in the Comments section.

We are interested in the diversity of our campers and what we can learn from you! Therefore our lottery system is based on camper diversity in such categories as community activism, cultures outside the U.S., people under 30, LGBTQ, relationship diversity, families with children. So please let us know a little about you."

We're excited to experiment and experience camp with you!

Note: You can register for Infinite Games Camp (immediately
following Summer Camp) on this registration form, too.

Use the Registration Form Here
and Send your check to:

Summer Camp Registrar
PO Box 50388
Eugene, OR 97405


Contact if you have questions: - or - 800.624.8445