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NFNC Summer Camp 2014

We use a sliding scale fee for camp, so people of all economic levels can attend. We urge you to pay what you can comfortably afford to spend, keeping in mind that similar weekend-only workshops cost as much or more than our entire 10-day camp. Summer Camp offers you a unique opportunity for profound, life-changing personal growth and the priceless gift of creating deep heart connections with kindred spirits that can last a lifetime. Your generosity makes it possible for those who have less to attend camp. Thank you for your kind support.

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10 Day Summer Camp - August 1-10

Value of Camp
Radical Sliding Scale $1 to $1,000,000 $ *

Tax Deductible Contributions

To make tax deductible contributions to camp, click here.

Waiver Release Form

Please note that you must sign the following waiver release form
when you first arrive on site, before you will be admitted to camp:

“I understand that Summer Camp will offer a variety of activities that can be physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging. The level of my participation in any of the activities is at all times completely my choice. I may stop or say “no” at any time. In the event of an emergency, I give the Summer Camp 2014 staff permission to call an ambulance or physician. I release the Summer Camp staff, NFNC, and NCI from all liability for any injury to me resulting from my participation. This release also applies to the minors listed on this registration form for whom I am responsible.”


*** Note: you must fill out a separate registration form for each adult who wants to attend camp (and please do list the other adults you plan to attend with in the Comments area of each person's registration form). In the lottery, your whole "group" either will or will not be admitted to camp. Being part of a group will not affect your chances of being admitted.
If you put multiple names on this form, only the first name listed will go into the registration lottery, and the other people will not be admitted to camp.

Name and Address
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Contact Info
Home Phone (please enter at least
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Allergies & Food Preferences
No Eggs No Dairy No Gluten/Wheat No Peanuts No Soy
Allergies / Comments

We’ll do our best to accommodate you.


Children under 18 (accompanied by an adult) are welcome at camp for free.

Full Name of Child I’m Bringing Date of Birth
1 //

Staying in Touch
I want to subscribe to the 2014 Camper eList to meet campers,
arrange rides, and get news before camp starts:

We’ll create a photo contact sheet that will later be sent to all 2014 summer campers. Please checkmark any items you DO NOT WANT to appear on the contact sheet.

Do not include:
My Photo My Name My Address My Email My Phone

Helping Close Camp
I'm available to help take down camp after Infinite Games Camp ends:
Monday, 18th Tuesday, 19th Wednesday, 20th

We’ll feed you and love you.

Comments, Questions and Concerns
Anything else? Coming with someone?

Infinite Games Camp
IG Camp starts immediately after Summer Camp
and runs to Sunday Aug 17th
Register me for IG Camp, too. I'm including a check for my Summer Camp lottery, and a separate check for IG Camp.
Register me for IG Camp ONLY if I also get into Summer Camp.
IG Camp is sliding scale $800-$500.
More about IG Camp here.

You can't register yet!

To secure your entry in the lottery for admission to camp, please make check
for the full amount payable to “NFNC Summer Camp” and mail to:

Summer Camp Registrar
PO Box 50388
Eugene, OR 97405

We will have a short waiting list and will hold your check until we know if you are coming to camp. If not, your check will be destroyed. If it's important to you to have your check returned, please say so, otherwise we will void and shred it. We cash your check only once you have secured a spot at camp.

If the name on this form doesn't match the printed name on the check, be sure to write this name on the check.

A packet will be emailed to you upon acceptance into camp,
by April 28th, with a map, directions, and other important information.

Nearest Airport is in Medford, OR. (25 miles away)

Questions? Contact or 800.624.8445