A Poetic SC'01 Review

by Jim Moore

I'm new to this scene,
and still pretty green,
I mean if you know what I mean --

My family and friend
had judgments no end
for folks whose behaviors offend.

Sex-plus and poly,
my gosh and by golly,
were fearfully thought to be folly.

To be naked alone,
or socially stoned
were the limits I'd always bemoaned.

Then Summer Camp came
to take away blame,
and to prove my conditioning lame.

I opened to Love,
not just bees and dove,
but something below as above.

My head's now on straight,
my heart open gate,
and I'm grateful it wasn't too late.

I'll always recall,
yes, Light, and Paul,
and everyone else -- I love all.

From moonlight to forum,
to loss of decorum
and Scamps and Imps I adore 'em ....

I know what I'll do --
I'll be an Imp too,
and I'll see you at SC02!

-- Jim Moore (Fri, 21 Sep 2001)