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Summer Camp 2015 Program

Beliefs and Patterns -- what's unconscious, what's the impact personally and globally; and creating a new story, including utilizing our grief to spur us forward.

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Our 2015 Presenters

First Week

BobCzimbal Bob Czimbal ♥ Kindred Spirits Exploring Love Intimacy and Affection
1st Sat. am

Vitamin T is the "nurturing nutrient" found in healthy touch. Active ingredient: TLC (Tender Loving Care). When applied topically, Vitamin T soothes the body, calms the mind, nourishes the spirit and warms the heart.

Show respect by giving Vitamin T after permission has been clearly granted. Establish a mutually agreeable touch exchange by using the process of creating common ground. Maintain clear boundaries and give feedback about what kind of touch is wanted and what is not wanted.

We will practice:
Making and keeping agreements,
Taking personal responsibility for our choices,
Developing a sensitivity to individual differences,
Learning emotional self-defense,
Resolving differences,
Creating deep intimacy.

Honor our desire for an abundant supply of Vitamin T. Help create a new culture where affection can be freely offered. We can make a difference, one Vitamin T exchange at a time!

We will create rules of engagement to promote safety. Respect for a wide range of comfort levels is everyone's responsibility. Each person will always have the choice of how s/he engages and with whom. We are responsible for establishing and maintaining our personal boundaries while communicating our wants and needs. Trust and sensitivity foster spontaneity.

Kindred Spirits- Exploring Love, Intimacy and Affection 1st Sat. evening

Imagine a world where there is an abundance of erotic energy, spirituality and playfulness. Join your community to co-create a Love Feast. The Kindred Spirits presentation is designed to foster transformation.

"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flame."

Be honest with yourself by honoring your hunger for more love, intimacy and affection. The journey begins by honoring the importance of self-love. Master the skills necessary to open more fully to love. Learn how to make mutual agreements to nurture each other's spirits. Explore essential virtues such as abundance, bonding, commitment, depth and empathy. When these essential qualities are developed, balanced and integrated, the potential for healing and growth is limitless.

The presentation is a mix of information, insights, story-telling, skill-building activities, engaging discussions, interactive exercises, handouts and surprises. Guaranteed to be entertaining, lighthearted and inspiring! Join us to celebrate love - the most powerful force for changing the world!

A bun dance! 1st Wed. night

All of us deserve an abundance of love and laughter. Abundance is a way of thinking that opens us to seeing the beauty and the blessings that surround us. Abundance is also a beautiful form of dance, both playful and loving. By using massage-like motions we will explore ways to nourish the hungry heart. Simple guidelines will help you feel safe while you are dancing on the the edge. Trust and sensitivity foster spontaneity. Discover your own way to dance in this delightful blend of movement arts.

A spontaneous conversation unfolds as motion releases emotion. By using the language of our bodies, we give expression to feelings that are beyond words. What your body learns in dance transfers to other relationships.

Since ancient times, dance has been used to evoke trance for transformation, to give expression to our deepest stirrings and as a ritual to celebrate life. All levels welcome, no previous dance experience necessary.

Sylvia Davis pix Sylvia Davis ♥ Beliefs and Patterns 1st Sun. & Mon. a.m.

The most powerful question that you may ask yourself is, "What do you really believe?"

A belief is energy-thought directs energy and energy follows thought. We must understand the power of belief, where it comes from and how we access the truth of our beliefs. The fewer distorted or limited beliefs we have, the greater our choices.

The nature of our belief system determines our interpretation of any event. Your life is a reflection of your beliefs. your beliefs are the driving force behind your thoughts, actions and your habits, which results in a pattern--your life. What we most identify with is what we experience in our lives. Power is regained as we free ourselves from patterns that take us to impulsive and reactive states of consciousness.

Understanding the science behind how we form beliefs and patterns is an amazing journey-we embrace quantum thought in that we are all interconnected.

In this presentation we will be exploring how we formed our beliefs and how we challenge our beliefs and bring them out of the subconscious. Examining our belief system systems will be a part of this process.

The role of emotions and feelings and how they bind us into our beliefs and eventually our patterns will be explored as well as the critical practice of mindfulness in order to observe our mind at work through the prior programming of our childhood years.

Exercises that will assist us in opening our heart further will be engaged, as heart energy has been subjugated to the mind and must be rebalanced in order for us to undo our unhealthy beliefs and patterns. Heart energy is key in this process.

Change your beliefs and patterns and open to the infinite possibilities of your life!

Sylvia Davis has been teaching classes, workshops and groups for close to 20 years as well as doing personal counseling sessions. Sylvia's focus is on deepening people's spirituality in a practical manner by bringing forward ways of putting into practice the principles that allow each of us to live our lives with awareness and empowerment. She emphasizes the need to develop a practicum of living our lives based on universal spiritual laws in a grounded and useful fashion by developing tools for use in our everyday lives. Learning how to become mindful and to recognize that presentations in our life act as guideposts for our unhealed issues is a prominent part of Sylvia's teaching. Throughout all of her work, a strong emphasis on working with our energy systems is present.

The XYZ Fishbowl ♥ Our new idea of Exploring Gender
1st Sun. pm

What we've noticed over the years is we as individuals don't fit the stereotypical Male and Female labels, and some of us have been getting increasingly uncomfortable having to choose one group to participate in when Summer Camp offered our “Gender Circles.”

We all have our Parts, Sexual Attractions, Biological Sex, and Gender Expressions. AND we have our feelings, which from one area of life to the next seem to really not fit into the old pink and blue boxes. Terms like gender fluid, transgender, agender, and intersex have come into our vocabulary, and yet that doesn't even cover the myriad feelings! Introducing our XYZ Fishbowl.

We create a list of identities and topics to be explored, things that seem to be gender-ish, and we invite those who have resonance with an identity or topic to come sit in the inner circle, and those who find less need to share to move to the outer circle. In other words, we make the circle fluid to allow you to be expressing your version of "gender" exactly as it resonates with you... a real "build your own identity" (hopefully just like real life)! Please move back and forth as your body and spirit move you.

Lisa Stein pix Kim Krichbaum pix Lisa Stein & Kimberly Krichbaum ♥ Heart of Now
1st Tues. am, pm

Heart of Now is one of the most powerful transformation experiences anywhere, and has touched the lives of thousands of individuals, helping bring them clarity, healing, connection, and greater joy.

At Heart of Now we do exercises that enable us to access the art of being present. We focus on body sensations, what we are feeling,thinking and what emotions are present. We notice what our intuition, and our gut are telling us. Then we create closeness and honesty (with ourselves and others) by sharing what is true for us, right now, in this moment.

We begin by simply being present with our self and each other. When we do this, our insecurities might come up. We might notice that we have a story about ourselves - about our unworthiness, or our desire to be liked. We might notice that we trust. Or that we don't. When we take the time to be present with our self and listen, we can notice that life isn't just happening to us. We create it each moment in the midst of whatever filters, fixed ideas and emotional contexts we attach to it. Suddenly, we can look at the choices we've been making, and realize the world is filled with many other options! Then, at Heart of Now, we will then spend time looking at what is inside us that inspires us and what next steps we can take to create that.. Many people who go through this workshop begin to interact with others with more ease, experiment with new ways to deal with difficult issues in their personal lives and at work, and take more risks towards getting what they want. For more info., please visit our website:

Lisa Stein: People and growing are my greatest passions. On my last 30 years, my life feels so much richer, more alive, so full of life, with more periods of joy for longer periods of time. I look at feelings of depression and hopelessness with curiosity. I acknowledge the cycle of distress and if I haven't grown to appreciate those feelings, at least I feel confident about delving in, and seeing what they are all about, and having a confident knowing that there is an end in sight, which comes faster and easier these days. From wherever we are starting from, things can get better, easier and lighter. Not like a magic wand. But like an ongoing growth of more ease, contentment, joy and self comfort. When we cut off our pain, we are also cutting off our joy. We can feel it all!! And maybe the sad parts don't feel great, but there is an aliveness in allowing the sadness that actually feels good. I assure you it beats apathy, denial and hopelessness. Vulnerability is a great strength. It is our path to closeness.

My roots are in psychotherapy, co-counseling, Jung, Process-Oriented Psychology, developing intuition and Heart of Now. Thirty years have given me a large tool belt! But essentially, just talking doesn't seem to be as effective for most people as including noticing what is present with body sensations, emotions and using role playing. Each person is an individual with her or his own unique needs. My belief is in trusting each person's inner wisdom. You know what you need. I can help you access it. For more info:

Kim Krichbaum has been facilitating workshops for over 30 years, specializing in body and breath awareness, deep self acceptance, and simultaneous awareness of self and other. Kim has been presenting the Heart of Now since 2002. At the core of Kim's practice is the a belief in the ultimate goodness of human nature, and that our "self" is not just our individual body and consciousness, but includes our community and our ecosystem.

Sheya Grace Wind Sheya Grace Wind ♥ Honoring Desire Dance Journey

Dancing Freedom joins us in a free form movement practice of embodied prayer and conscious play... we explore motion with intent thru an elemental alchemical music wave and then go into an inner dance (authentic movement process) with a partner. Learn new ways to ground, center and expand your self within a shared space of deep community aliveness. The practice is delicious... expect magic as we dance desire & discovery...

sheya grace wind is a visionary life artist and is passionately into beautifying reality and energising new/next culture with the expressive arts. She is so grateful to share this gift with camp.

FredBurks Fred Burks ♥ Transformation Breathwork to Explore Beliefs and Patterns
1st Thur. am, pm

Transformation Breathwork to Explore Beliefs and Patterns

Conscious movement of breath can be used both to quiet the mind and to open the door to profound healing. In this session, we will be using breath to open to expanded states of consciousness where we can explore and transform old beliefs and patterns. With the tools provided, you may even transform the energy around old traumas. We will also explore life intentions and work to empower those intentions with breath and sound.

Non-verbal Communication

Most people depend largely on words in their communications with others. Yet there is an incredible richness available in the non-verbal exchanges that are going on all the time. In this playshop, we will explore the subtle energy flows between partners and groups as they open to communication with each other both with words and without. By developing greater awareness of non-verbal energy exchange, we can greatly increase our capacity to communicate and deepen our connections with all around us.

Fred Burks has been deeply dedicated to spiritual growth and transformation for his entire adult life. He became interested in tantra and energy work nearly 20 years ago, and has facilitated many engaging, heart-centered workshops around the country helping people to open to the limitless sources of transformative energy available within themselves and others. He was a key founder of the sex and spirit based Sacred Connections community in the SF Bay Area and is a respected spiritual activist on the Internet. See for the inspiring and transformational websites he manages.

Our 2015 Presenters

Second Week

Charles Eisenstein Charles Eisenstein ♥ In the absence of a map...

In the absence of a map...
2nd Tues. night
Our society is on the verge of a new territory; many of us are in new territory as individuals as well. Very little in our upbringing can tell us how to navigate it. The old maps of have to live life, how to be a man or a woman, no longer apply, while the new maps are sketchy. Absent a reliable map, we must rely on a compass. In this session, we will use trance, touch, and dialog to access that compass and practice using it.

Reprogramming for Next-story Action 2nd Wed. am
At NFNC we have an experience of a way of seeing, acting, and being human that is new for our culture. But many people notice that old habits take over when they reenter their usual environments. Again through trance, touch, and dialog, in this session we will illuminate patterns of the "old story" -- habits of separation, habits of judgement, habits of scarcity, and habits of control -- and activate new-story action templates to replace them.

Charles Eisenstein is a speaker and writer focusing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution. His viral short films and essays online have established him as a genre-defying social philosopher and countercultural intellectual. Eisenstein graduated from Yale University in 1989 with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy and spent the next ten years as a Chinese–English translator. The author of The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible, Sacred Economics, and Ascent of Humanity, he currently lives in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

DavidGoldstein David Goldstein ♥ The Broken Tripod
2nd Sun. am

By setting ourselves "apart from" and "over" the greater web of All Our Relations, we human beings have accomplished two things: 1) We have catalyzed a broad-based degradation and destruction of life in the biosphere. 2) We have, as a species, become almost unspeakably frantic, lost and lonely. Is it even possible, at this relatively late stage in the game, to re-orient ourselves toward a more sane and vital placement in the greater scheme of things?

The proposal of the workshop is this: An "on key" human being is one who exists as part of a culture that is supported by three essential legs of a tripod: 1) Our relations with ourselves and other human beings. 2) Our relations with the rest of the greater web of life. 3) Our relations with the Unseen World, especially the Ancestors.

The bad news is that legs #2 and #3 of the tripod have, for all intents and purposes, withered away and died in our world. We put almost all of our eggs in the basket of self/human relations and that basket is simply not made to carry such a burden alone. The good news is that the "recipe" has not been lost. As a result of human behaviors, our world will continue to undergo wrenchingly difficult changes for years to come. This is inevitable. We are called, with great humility and patience, to begin the generationally long trek toward remembering and re-inhabiting an "on key" place on Earth.

David Goldstein writes climate change articles for Huffington Post and Common Dreams. He is a long-time student of Thich Nath Hanh and Ringu Tulku Rinpoche and has led meditation retreats in Eugene, Oregon. David also leads Grief Sharing Circles at gatherings and conferences. He is deeply influenced by the teachings of Stephen Jenkinson. For what it's worth, he has an M.Ed. in Adult Education and Organizational Development. He loves baseball, blues and cats (and dogs!). HuffPost Article

Possibility Team ♥ Possibility Management
2nd Sun., Mon. & Tues.

Possibility Management ♥ Creating the Next Culture

Using the experiences of our first week together, we will invite you to an extraordinary space of awareness, transformation and practice.

Out of the nothingness we will create & discover possibilities beyond the well-known regions of our normal beliefs and patterns. For this we will use the intelligence and power of our 4 bodies and our 4 feelings as well as the experience and courage from years of New Culture experiments and all your personal and community inspiration, ideas and dreams and visions.

We will go through our Underworld, looking at the unconscious parts, bringing them into light and in this way harvesting the treasures lying there in the dark for using them to fulfill our conscious intentions. This will change the world in a much more sustainable way than we could imagine. Who would have imagined all the changes coming from the new map of earth as a globe instead a flat disc? The earth has not changed but the possibilities to travel and discover new things have exploded.

Real changes are never made out of the mental maps from where the old beliefs and patterns arose. They need new mental maps and a lot of practice. Let's use our common time to discover maps that are working for a world where everybody and everything is connected and people belong to Gaia, not the other way round; where awareness, care, love, clarity and hundreds of other Bright Principles can act through us because we are aware of our Shadow Principles. Let's even experience how to use these Shadow Principles in a conscious way to break open the limits of our usual behavior and beliefs, no longer limited by rules we have "needed" before for the illusion of safety. Imagine staying in your full power in every moment, in the place where you are right now, limited only by one rule: What you can achieve and what not (Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Carribean). This opens a space for exciting questions: Who chooses which rules you follow and which you don't? Have you deferred your power of choice to some external authority? The only thing that limits what you can create or cause is your wild and raw ability to create and cause - where did you put those? Who would you be and what could you achieve if you brought them back into action?

Possibility Team
Georg Pollitt —,
Possibility Management Trainer and Coach

It seems that my discovery spirit brought me after long years of working with people through music, theater, dance and even software development to Possibility Management as the most effective and sustainable context I've seen so far. Now all earlier experiences, even the dark sides, the broken heart, the failures and the breakdowns are making sense in a way that they are serving my trainer skills so that Clarity and Love and Possibility can do their work in trainings offered for people to get their power back and live their destiny. That's why I can say from deep in my heart: “I'm committed to your unique combination of dreams, ideas and skills. That is what people around you and the whole world needs from you. To accompany you and witness the unfolding and transformation is my greatest joy.”

Possibility Team
Katharina Kaifler —,
Possibility Management Trainer & Communication Consultant

As a young girl I already looked for vivid interactions with life, seeking to push the defined limits of being human. This led me to ten years intensively studying the primordial laws of life in an astrology education, sixteen years as a freelance consultant in advertising and marketing, initiatory journeys to distant countries, and most recently, a multi-year training in Possibility Management at Next Culture Research & Training Center. As a Possibility Trainer my own learning and transformation cannot end. I use Clarity, Compassion and Enthusiasm to help people discover authentic communication, heal levels of intimacy, and create astonishingly fruitful changes of perspective. There is nothing more beautiful for me than to witness someone stepping into their power – when that tingling vibrant force seeps through their veins. All of a sudden they see what they used to deny, they speak with their hearts, and their soul shines through. All four bodies are aligned and Leonard Cohen's “Halleluja” song rings in the hallways of my heart.

Possibility Team
Cornelius Butz —,
Possibility Management Trainer and Entrepreneur

“I love to experience the relief after letting go of my concepts. I love to see the wrinkles disappear from and the colors return into the faces of people who finally let go of old concepts. An intellectual insight will not allow the ‘letting go,’ but if it hits you also in your physical, your emotional and your energetic bodies, it is an impact that leads to immediate action. It is almost effortless because you can't not do it - it is so obvious to your whole system. Not everything you are sold as a tool really helps you to change things, circumstances, patterns... I love the tools of Possibility Management because they truly work!”

Cornelius loves useful inventions, nature, beauty, getting to the heart of things and the eagle's perspective. He loves to find commonalities where others see extreme differences and distinctions between apparently similar things.

Possibility Team
Paul Rogers & Anette Schuster -,
Possibility Management Trainers

Anette Schuster
I am dedicated to being in service to others by weaving connections and empowering them to take on issues of personal growth. I am able to create heartfelt, safe and respectful spaces where people can face and unfold their own lives in an authentic way. My path is to build community, create possibilities, see the beauty in life, and to encourage others to trust their feelings.

I was born in Germany where I raised 3 children and lived until 2006. At that time I moved to Tamera, a peace research community in Portugal. I lived there for 3 years, and it was there that I had my first contact with Clinton Callahan; the originator of Possibility Management.

In 2008 I met partner Paul while visiting the U. S. It was soon after that I started to work as a Possibility Manager and life coach. Paul and I travel regularly to Germany to continue their training as well as to visit my family and friends.

Paul Rogers
I was drawn to Possibility Management because of its ability to empower people to transform their lives. I spent several years sharing these tools with sex offenders in prison because I found it the most effective way to help them to avoid re-offending and to build a healthy and fulfilling life. I recently left that work to focus on doing Possibility Management full time. I love this work and the insights it gives, but I consider the quality of connection and caring I have for people as important as any tools I use.

My prior work includes ten years of teaching full impact self-defense classes with a focus on emotional healing. I am a third degree black belt in Aikido and have 10 years of experience with peer-counseling.

Briony Greenhill Briony Greenhill ♥ Melt into Singing
2nd Mon. evening

Join Briony for an evening of song, and depending on the crowd and the moment, perhaps a left turn into improvisation. Or perhaps not. The night will be an improvisation, based upon who comes and what will best feed us. One promise: the harmonies will be rich, the rhythms infectious, and the sound will seep deliciously into your being until it carries you off to a deep and sweet sleep.

Briony Greenhill is a highly experienced singer, facilitator and vocal coach. She comes with over 10 years' experience in leading singing, and specializes in improvisation as a route to expression, fun, healing, musicality, play, beauty, awareness and the sacred. She is co-founder of Oakland's Body Music Lab and the London Vocal Improv Collective. She has led singing workshops for groups including Pepsi Executives in Poland, Sustainability Architects in Barcelona and London Design Museum events, as well as in regular community settings. Briony currently sings in The Elements Vocal Ensemble, has performed all over London (she's British), sung live on BBC radio and featured on albums occasionally, it turns out, played on Californian dance floors. Briony has studied vocal improvisation in India, France, London and North America, with Bobby McFerrin, the London Guildhall school of music, and Zimbabwean Shona musician Chartwell Dutiro, among other cherished teachers. This is the art form to which she is devoted - and her love is infectious!

MollyBrown MollyBrown Molly Brown & Constance Washburn ♥ Gratitude and Grief in Troubled Times

The Work That Reconnects helps us uncover and draw on our innate connections with each other and the healing powers of the web of life. Pioneered by root teacher Joanna Macy in the late 1970's, this highly experiential and interactive work draws from systems thinking, deep ecology, and many spiritual traditions. We explore both the Great Unraveling of the Industrial Growth Society and the Great Turning to a Life-Sustaining Society. The Spiral of the work moves through Gratitude, Honoring Our Pain for the World, Seeing with New Eyes, and Going Forth, as we clarify our vision of how we can each act for the healing of the world.

The workshop includes a morning and afternoon session; please plan to attend both.

Molly Young Brown combines ecopsychology, the Work That Reconnects, and psychosynthesis in her work: teaching on-line courses, writing and publishing books and essays, coaching and mentoring by phone and Skype, and giving talks and workshops internationally. With eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, she co-authored Coming Back to Life: The Updated Guide to the Work That Reconnects. Her 5 other books include: Growing Whole: Self-realization for the Great Turning, and Held in Love: Life Stories To Inspire Us Through Times of Change.

Constance Washburn M.A. has been training with Joanna Macy since 1994. She is a Community Dharma Leader and has been a Buddhist practitioner since 1968. She has over 35 years of experience as an activist, facilitator, and educator. She brings her deep nature connection, mindfulness training, theater and education backgrounds together to create opportunities for people to reawaken to their interconnectedness.

Roberto Rodriguez Roberto Rodriguez ♥ TarotChi: Dancing with the Archetypes
2nd Fri p.m.

Explore and give expression to your many selves through movement, dance, sound and interactive games. We will engage with several archetypal characters of our inner community, discovering what they have to say to us and enlisting their help in co-creating the new worlds we want to inhabit.

Roberto has been a student and teacher of Tai Chi, other martial arts, and dance for over 30 years. Over the past ten years he has been exploring the intersection between the physical, psychic, emotional, and interpersonal realms of being human. The TarotChi practice is a result of that synthesis. His mission is to promote practices that demonstrate and facilitate inter-connectedness.

Lisa Nelson Joyce McNamara ♥ Social Artistry
HOPE: Social Artistry: Creatively Evoking a World that Works for Everyone
2nd Sat a.m.

Experience key principles and practices of Social Artistry, an orientation that deepens inner capacities and unleashes new creative potential for individuals, organizations, and cultures. Entering through physical, psychological, mythic and unitive levels of human psyche -- in embodied exercises, we'll build abilities to fully sense and embody our visions and cultural possibilities, and strengthen our connection to our highest self and "inner crew." Finding clarity in our vision of action, inventorying our capacities and fine tuning our inner took kits to move ourselves and our emerging vision forward.

ACTION: Social Artistry: Telling the New Story 2nd Sat p.m.
Explore the role that myth, symbol, and story can play in creating cultural shifts toward greater personal and cultural health and abundance. What stories serve possibility? What mythic allies can help you grow toward your ideal work in the world? What journey are you on? What symbols resonate with your highest purpose? Experience Lisa's own Trim Tab* that she teaches at Cal State University on community and organizational sustainability and resilience, that includes a plan for specific action steps; activating your unique gifts and applying those potentials to your work in the world.

Joyce McNamara, as a Social Artistry Trainer, has been leading Social Artistry journeys for over 10-years. She received her training in Social Artistry through the International Institute for Social Artistry with the originator of the field, Dr. Jean Houston. For nine years she has published of The Social Artists Companion, an e-zine serving the global community of Social Artists. Through her business, Integral Experiences, she offers personal and group sessions and workshops exploring the human experience. She brings her years of exploration and experience in Family Systems Constellations, Energy Code Clearing, and the power of Deep Listening to each event.

laurence cole Laurence Cole ♥ Song Weaving & Ecstatic Community

Composer and song leader Laurence Cole returns to summer camp with a collection of new and old songs, with his unique style of transforming a group into an "insta-choir" that quickly finds itself immersed in the fun, joy and sometimes even deeply sacred community feeling of co-creating lush tapestries of beauty and meaning together. The songs, chants and rounds he brings are easy to learn, and at the same time present the playful challenge of rhythmic and harmonic games that stretch our capacities for listening, blending, and bouncing sound off each other as they often inspire us to move and dance in what can become quite ecstatic moments of pleasure and delight.

Laurence lives at the Port Townsend EcoVillage, and is the founding director of Port Townsend Songlines community choir. He also has a massage practice, specializing in acupressure and shiatsu. He has practiced T'ai Chi for over forty years, and enjoys moving slowly, and participating in patient natural processes, particularly the making of compost.

Laurence Cole, Shana Deane ♥ Community Grief Ritual

Indigenous cultures around the world hold that the ritualized sharing of grief connects the community in a profound and essential way. Grieving is one of the ways we express love for what we've lost, and in the process helps us ground in what most deeply matters to us. Whether it be from the loss of loved ones, cherished dreams, places, health, the environmental crisis of our planet, dropping into the deep feelings of grief can be powerfully restorative, especially when witnessed and supported by the community. In turn, the whole community is nourished "The village is the place you go to be seen." It is this being seen for what we most value that helps us repair the "break in belonging," and lets us plant the seeds of hope and renewal.(thanks and credit to Thérèse Yakshi Charvet of Sacred Grove and Sobonfu Somé)

Shana Deane

Shana Deane is a long time summer camper, passionate about bringing a restorative and generative lens to our lives and life cycles. She's been an End-of-Life Doula since 2007, Scholar in "Griefwalker" Stephen Jenkinson's Orphan Wisdom School since 2011, as well as being in private practice as a mediator, counselor, and teacher and facilitator of nonviolent communication and restorative circles. She's currently at work on a documentary about her mother's death and dying from pancreatic cancer and the transformative experience of giving her her funeral before she died. Shana is honored to be part of bringing a grief ritual to camp again with the wonderful Laurence Cole.


Children at Summer Camp

We welcome children at camp and ask that all our campers work with us to create a "Kids" Camp environment where young children and teens thrive. If you are so inclined, there will be ample opportunities to connect meaningfully and creatively with our young people this year as a Kids Dharma Angel. Let us know when you register if you are interested in helping!

Compassion Cadre

cadreSummer Camp is a powerfully transformative experience for many people. Often we find our buttons get pushed, our self-limiting habits are upended, and our stories about who are and who we can be in the world are challenged. Our ideal is to create a community which offers compassion and support for all campers, especially those who are feeling disconnected, unheard, or simply overwhelmed by their camp experience. We also seek to offer a service opportunity to campers who have experience in counseling.

One of the ways we realize this goal of a mutually-supportive and mutually-empowering community is through the Compassion Cadre. The Cadre is composed of camper volunteers. Two designated Cadre volunteers are on duty every day to help meet camper needs for emotional and physical support and well-being by donating their time in one or more of the following areas: empathy and peer counseling, mediation, group process facilitation, and bodywork. The Compassion Cadre is a great way to plug into camp, and a great way to get support when you need it!

Other Camp Events

♥ 7 Minute Connections ♥
In this popular camp event, campers get an opportunity for several spontaneous "dates" of only 7 minutes duration. This event can promote higher levels of transparency, and the spontaneous nature often facilitates unexpected connections.

♥ Aphrodite's Temple
Aphrodite’s Temple is a place for campers to experience the dimensions of sacred sexuality and sexual healing. As in previous years, we'll convert the building on the upper part of the property into a sacred and safe play space for adults who wish to explore healing, intimate touch and the joys of sharing love & pleasure.

♥ ZEGG Forum ♥
The Forum is a group process developed at the German community ZEGG to provide a stage to express your true motivations, deep feelings, ideas and emotions. The Forum helps facilitate transparency, sharing and clarifying unsolved situations of daily life, and it can be a catalyst for one's own personal growth. More info about ZEGG forum may be found here.

♥ Camper Offerings - Open Space - Open Sessions ♥
Join in as the entire camp explores Open Space principles to self-organize for a day of concurrent events, inspired by your own passions and interests. These Open Sessions events are an opportunity for campers to convene dialogue groups on topics they've been wanting to explore, or create group massages, or do a music jam together. If a group doesn't feel fulfilling, participants are encouraged to move to a new one, honoring their instincts and natural enthusiasm. Bring your ideas and inspiration!

♥ Cabaret Show ♥
Here's your chance to show us your special talent. An evening of family fun with music, poetry, singing, stories, dance, skits, and more. Created by all of us!

♥ Lighter Side - as the mood strikes us! ♥
Participants create and perform skits to illustrate humorous events that they have observed or experienced at camp.

♥ Closing Circle ♥
Honoring the experience of the past ten days, we will connect, reflect, and bid farewell to this incarnation of our community.